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Amazing Customer Experience

Allow agents to quickly and easily connect and respond to your customers using any preferred channel through the same interface, resulting in happier customers

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Increased Revenue

Increase conversions and sales by connecting customers with the right agent through the right channel at the right time

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Real-Time Dashboards

Visually appealing  KPI graphs designed for staff contact center display.

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Streamlined Servicing

Route customers to the right information and the best-suited agent, thereby reducing call durations, minimizing transfers, and lowering costs.

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Agent Monitoring

See which agents are online and when they clocked in on any given day. Also, see statistics about the number of inbound and outbound calls made.

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In Depth Reporting

Gain powerful insights. Dashboards with real-time data and historical reporting make it easy to understand your business and manage customer experiences across all channels.



Provide exceptional customer interactions across any channel (Voice, Text, Email, Web Chat, WhatsApp, and other Social Media channels) - all managed in one place. TaskSuite has you covered - no matter how customers reach out to you.

Campaign Management

Create and manage campaigns on any channel using a static or dynamic data set. Track the progress and effectiveness of your campaigns in real-time.

IVR, Queues & Routing

Implement smart inbound strategies by setting up and managing your call flows with our call flow building blocks. Monitor your queues on the live call dashboard



Choose the right dialer strategy for your campaigns: click-to-dial, power-dial, auto-dial, or predictive dialing. Our voicemail detection and AI best-time-to-call prediction engine will save you time and money. (1).gif

Quality Assurance & Recordings

Allocate all or only selected calls for review by your QA team. Access all your call recordings or use the speech-to-text engine to analyze transcribed conversations. Automatically flag calls containing any specific predefined words/phrases.

Customize & Integrate

Make your contact center software more powerful through integrations and customization. Add custom fields and templates or automate your workflow with TaskSuite's business process automation engine. You can also activate combinations with one of several other popular CRMs you might already be using, including Salesforce and Microsoft CRM. And for any additional custom integration, talk to us.

Quick Contact

Call contacts and leads by clicking on their number. The CRM uses your device's microphone and makes calls directly from your browser.

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