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7 Questions to Answer to Retain Top Talent

The rise and fall of a good employee can be tracked pretty easily. Why do great employees leave? They took a few too many hits for the team. Yes, it is that simple, but addressing the problem is not. In this 3 part series, we will discuss different approaches to retain top talent. I'm not saying HR does not do their job, as that is not the case. The problem lies deeper within the organization overall and how companies view/value their non-sales employees and the project management software solutions they have implemented which can make their jobs satisfying or tedious as the very definition of Dante's Inferno on earth!.

Tired of Taking One for the Team

Please note, the "players" in this "game" are not all salespeople.  So you are a sales-centric organization, and that is great. But what does that mean for operations, accounting, development, etc.? In today's market, you must bring something new to the table and incentivize all top employees to stay.

7 Questions to Answer to Retain Top Talent

1. How do you motivate your non-sales people?  

2. How do you track the progress of those motivational efforts?

3. How often do you incent or give merit pay and perks to non-sales employees?

4. Do you currently have the ability to differentiate yourself from the competition by offering creative bonus plans, timely and accurate payout, and concise producer reporting?

5. Does your present system allow you to support corporate strategy in your bonus plans?

6. Does the existing business process result in enhanced producer loyalty and retention rates?

 7. Is your attrition rate in non-incentive based employees more than 10%? Even if you are happy with your answer to questions 1-6 if 7 is more than 10%.

Feeling the Burn

You are feeling the burn, and it is hurting your organization in productivity and profitability. It would be best if you uncovered more ROI from human capital, and incentive compensation deployment is a proven successful method. You can also track performance with the right CRM. The right suite of products can save you up to 70% in all departments and keep your best employees and make training the least effective easier and change how you view them, how they see you and how you both view the company.   

By Marvina Case, TaskSuite

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