• Marvina Case

Adopt, Structure, and Drive Technology for Future Growth

We focus on helping our customers by building a future-proof IT infrastructure. A future-proof #IT infrastructure ensures #business#success. Today profit goes hand in hand with the ability to #think continuously, #learn, #grow with, for, in #technology...always.

1. Adopt an API-led connectivity approach with reusable building blocks exposed by APIs and data housed in your CRM cloud.

2. Structure the building blocks across your CRM, set up uniquely for different processes and experience layers.

3. Drive technology change across people, processes, and systems in an incremental fashion.

The Full Suite

Connect Suite - Cloud-based contact center tool for managing and supporting in and outbound, multi-channel communication flows.

CRM Suite - Organize and understand clearly who your customers are. Track all customers

and suppliers' interactions with ease.

Service Suite - Resolve Customer Care queries faster with one-touch resolutions, turning your customers into promoters that grow your business.

Chat Suite - TaskChat, a modern live chat tool built within the TaskSuite platform, lets you chat with customers and give them real-time support round-the-clock.

Loan Suite - TaskLoan allows you to manage your entire loan process & loan book in one sophisticated system and provides you with a single holistic approach to credit risk management.

By Marvina Case, TaskSuite

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