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Bad Blood

Are You Sure Your Customers Are Assured?

All insurance companies are not a good neighbor and are not always there. They sometimes cause more chaos in their customer's lives than the actual devastating initial event. It's all good until someone gets hurt, and then it goes from mad love to bad blood. That is when we've got problems. And I don't think you can solve 'em alone. As the insurer, you made a really deep cut, and the implications can be devastating for business! Insurers are not just losing one revenue strand when a customer is cut by the company as the customer is now out for blood -showing battle scars, body bumped, bruised they tell, and bleed negativity on everyone they know as well as anyone that will listen! The bottom line is poor customer service, and a lack of empathy will bleed an insurance company dry.

When you cut your customer, they will cut you back and much deeper. So please take a look at what you've done and prevent it from happening again. Insurers must remember when you try to write customers off that all of them will not take a loss. Customers may forgive, but do not forget, and their lives will go on without you. But if you cut too many customers, the same can not be said for an insurance provider. Insurers really never let it go of the loss as an average of 65% of all sales come from existing customers.

Insurance companies make their money insuring people and their assets. They sell peace of mind and reassurance that when bad things happen, customers are covered. They sell, reliability, trust, and provide an umbrella when it's raining hard on our parades. They have predicted risk to an art form but still haven't figured out customer loyalty and engagement at that same level. TaskSuite can assist Insurance companies with those challenges.

While no one can deny the value of a good insurance company, it only takes one bad experience to have them running up that hill to your competitor. Customer experience is key when customers are faced with a tragedy. TaskSuite provides solutions for insurers that give customers the information they need when they need it and reps, agent, and service people the power to collaborate and provide total customer satisfaction with claims and management of inspection services on a single platform

Key Features of a Good Insurance CRM Solution:

1. The ability to assign a smart task prioritization using whatever methodology of classification suits your business in real-time.

2. The ability to build customer loyalty by engaging them and sharing their joy, answering their needs with speed and accuracy, and providing a concierge level of service. 3. The ability to provide phone, email, and social chat anywhere on any device customer can communicate.

For more information on our Insurance CRM, contact us at info@tasksuite.com.

Charl Naude, TaskSuite

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