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Before You Pop the Question!

Most business marriages sadly end in divorce or death, so before you pop the question to your CRM provider maybe, you should work the room and dance with all those on the wall before you drop that huge engagement fee, also known as implementation. Spend some time with each vendor, get to know all their flaws and annoying habits, and see if you can live with them. See if they are okay with dating for a while, or do they require a long-term commitment? The sure vendors of their products do not need to scare you into a contract or force that promise ring.

Relationship GOALS: How to Add Strategy to Your Enablement Mix

Before you can implement what you want, you have to determine what you need and then define the differences between the two. "Wants" are nice extras, but "needs" are imperative to your business's success.

The Heart and Brain

As all business marketing people know, people are the heart of your organization, and CRM is the brain. If you want to add an effective strategy to your enablement mix, you must identify your company goals and put the proper systems and people in place to do so.

CRM Solves Problems

(Label 1 to 4 in Importance)

Customer Retention

Customer Acquisition

Lead Tracking and mapping

Closing Ratio Management

What is the Problem?

Before CRM can solve the problem, your people need to define what the problem is. Then your team needs to ask if that problem can be solved with CRM? The main question to answer is it your people or your software is the problem, or is it a combination of both? Nine times out of ten, it is a combination of both. Below is a great step-by-step guide to help you make those determinations. Take a few minutes to put your goals in order of importance.

  • Track Leads and Lead Activity

  • Track Customer Base

  • Track Opportunities and Closing Rates

  • Offer Connectivity Between Teams

  • Manage Relationships

  • Generate Customized Reporting

  • Organize Business Operations

  • Increase Profitability

  • Increase Productivity

Identify Company Relationship Management Goals.

1. Find out their CRM implementation process.

2. Know what is needed to prepare for user adoption.

3. Know the product mobility limitations.

4. Go through the Waterfall Methodology.

5. Discuss Compatibility with current software.

6. Know the object-relational mapping capabilities.

7. Know the reporting capabilities.

8. Know the social media optimization capabilities

9. Make sure it is a month-to-month service.

10. Demo it and find its pros and cons.

On Bended Knee

Once you have done your research and danced with all the CRM Vendors, you can feel confident in popping the question and happy with the marriage. That union will then produce fruit for your organization. More retained customers equal more profits. Tightly aligned sales and marketing teams have higher win rates. To learn more about CRM and increasing revenue with technology, reach out to us at info@tasksuite.com.

Marvina Case, TaskSuite

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