• Charl Naude

Burning Down the House

Seamless Omnichannel Communications

Sharing responsibility drives productivity and ROI. Is your CRM doing what it is supposed to do? Does your solution create the ability to unify, simplify, and to monetize your data? Do you know why CRM adoption is critical to your business growth? Did you know adoption is directly linked to the quality of your data? Do you know the steps to see if it is effective?

Time I$ Money and Money I$ Time

With theTaskSuite platform, create a 365-degree view of your customers for more personalized support and ultimate care. Integrate essential intelligence from every department across your company so your team can spend less time searching for information and more time focusing on customers and service innovation. Just say no to employee burnout.

Virtual personalized care is the post-COVID way to retain and attract customers. With the ServiceSuite, it's easy to be available across any avenue—connect with your customers using their preferred method. Email, Text, WhatsApp, Social Media, Live Web Chat, Voice — all through the same interface.—so your customers can reach you, however, whenever and wherever they desire. The ServiceSuite proactive interface, process automation, and smart workflows reduce operational complexity and allow service consultants to handle more requests in less time and reminders; you're always one step ahead of their needs. Here's your ticket pack your bag, time for jumpin' overboard. Reserve your place for a demo now and start fightin' fire with fire!

By Charles Naude, TaskSuite

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