• Charl Naude

Call It What You Want

Your castle crumbled overnight. You brought a knife to a gunfight—all the drama queens taking swings and all the jokers dressing up as kings. Your competitor took the crown, but it's alright. Your former customer realizes all the liars calling you a liar are liars themselves. Their service is not better, but the pitch the competitor gave deserves a round of applause. Their marketing budget is enormous, and the research and product development is negligible, but nobody ever got fired for buying the brand name. That's a good thing for your business but a hard thing for customers to admit! You may have lost the battle, but you can win the war. Quality matters. Service matters. Value matters.

Regain and Maintain

We automate, scale, align, and track like never before as there is a technology for everything, but technology alone is not enough for complete success. However, when you use CRM technology correctly and personalize it for customer needs, they will not need to reach out to you because you call them first. Never underestimate the power of human interaction and the value of creating the human connection. Human interaction is still needed to drive business growth. After nobody heard from you for months, you call and say you miss them, and they said the same. They come back to you, and you are both doing better than you ever were.


The CRM strategy you imposed to regain and maintain is now paying off! Your customer is no longer walking with their head down as they love you like you are brand new. Sometimes you have to let customers go so they can remember why they chose you in the first place. Technology is one of the main tools but not the only factor in your customer growth and retention success.

Successful CRM Functionality

Leads Tracking

Prospect Tracking

Customer Tracking

Marketing Reporting

Customized Analytics

Pipeline Management

Workflow Automation

Proposal Lifecycle Management

Document Management and Storage

Email, Chat, Text, Call

Cost, Price, Value

Price is not a problem when the value is not a question. So call it what you want, but customers make this mistake all the time. Sometimes you have to let them walk away so they can run back to you. You and your customers are flying high above the whole scene. The competition fades to nothing when your customer looks at you now. You built a firewall to keep your customers safe and give those warm and fuzzy feelings. They now know the grass is not greener on the other side.

Bridges Burn Bridges burn, some will never learn, but at least you did one thing right. Investing in communication tools is terrific but not a replacement for the human touch in business. You captured the competitor's king and silenced all the drama queens while maintaining services and honesty. It's not that you own this customer, but because you know them, that sealed your relationship. You do not have a chain around their neck, but you have earned their admiration, business, and respect. You are the starry eyes in their darkest night. Call it what you want, but service providers can build back burned bridges stronger. Call it what you want, but at TaskSuite, we call it a success.

By Charl Naude, TaskSuite

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