• Charl Naude

Champagne Problems

The Standard CRM...

Two blurred lines in and too many angry customers, you drunk the Kool-aid from the Groupthink, and it is taking your business under, not the table but seriously underwater with a high price for low system performance. Bustling crowds or the silent sleepers, you thought the CRM would have you covered, but now you are just sitting there hurt, and your sales force is upset as the management product does not work. You're rose-faced and bothered, not sure which is worse, having a CRM system that in no way suits your needs or a customer you cannot understand and track.

Is the SalesForce Unhappy?

That big name out of the box solution dropped your hand while dancing, left you out there standing crestfallen on the CRM landing page. Your investors have their hands in your pocket. This CRM is affecting your wallet. But no one ever got fired for buying Salesforce!

You feel like your heart was glass, and the big-name CRM dropped it. And now you have champagne problems. Now no one's celebrating. No crowd of customers applauded.

Has Love Slipped Beyond Your Reaches?

One for the money, two for the show your CRM product was never was ready to go live, and now you know. Service matters were the consensus, and that was sobering. It took customer care, sales, and tech support on their knees and asking you to change the system and find the real thing. And that is where TaskSuite stepped in! We are sad you lost a few customers as their love of your products slipped beyond your reach, but we will have you trained and up and running in just a few days, not months, and ready to take back the customers you lose and some new ones with clear insights.


Now that you have had your coffee and the hangover is gone. Tasksuite promises to hold your hand while dancing, never leaves a customer standing, crestfallen on the landing page alone with champagne problems. Your customers, both internal and external, will be happy with the service. You can concentrate on your product's quality, knowing your omnichannel system is ready and able and serves its intended purpose. To learn more about how to grow your business with technology by developing a customer-centric approach, email info@tasksuite.com. When you implement TaskSuite and have champagne is no problem but a celebratory toast. The sky is the limit to your success!

By Charl Naude, TaskSuite

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