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Change is Inevitable

The way we do business has not changed, but it has increased the funnel to the channel that many of us already use. As long as there are sales to be made, services to be deployed, help desk and customer support tickets to be tracked and completed, CRM will be the core logic in each situation. The question is, can your CRM funnel handle being the only channel? Is it set up to be the only tool to manage your organization's customer expectations and employee performance?  The value of a quality human-centric  CRM has become clear over the last couple of months as COVID is redefining how businesses operate and where CRM's are not making the grade.  Organizations business models have been minimalized to survive the changes in our global economy but many without a robust but precise plan of adjusting the tool that needs to manage it all.   

Change is inevitable. The way we live, work, and communicate with each other and in business has fundamentally changed. While I agree there is no one post-pandemic cure pill or strategic management solution, a successful one will be data-rich, customer-centric, and hosted within the cloud. Regardless if it an SMB or Enterprize, brands are struggling with some rather unprecedented changes to find a balance between values from a pre-pandemic era and the trends leading up to a post-pandemic period. 2020 is the year of change and innovations, but it is not providing businesses with perfect 20/20 vision on how to adapt to the new reality ahead while staying true to their vision.  One thing is sure, this is not the end of CRM, but just the end of the beginning of CRM. Adaptability and agility is the real key for success for any CRM. The winning brands will remember to remain human-centric and in-sync with metamorphosing customer needs and expectations. 


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