• Charl Naude


It's been a long time since they were your vendor, and I know seeing the shape of their logo still spells out pain. It wasn't right how they treated your company and how it all went down, but it looks like you know that now.

Yes, they got your letter, and yes, they know you are doing better with TaskSuite. It cut deep - right to the bone. You canceled that long-term contact, and you had a bit of stress getting set up. But the business weathered the storm, and now your company is on cloud nine! Your former vendor knows that it's over, and I know you don't need closure, but other prospects need to know that it is possible to break away from a bad CRM, and at the end of the day - it is worth it! You got through it, and you are stronger and more productive and profitable than you ever were!

Questions to Answer when Switching Vendors

How does your current system manage your vendor/partner referral network?

Is the organization data-driven?

What is the defined sales process the team must follow?

How will you manage marketing efforts in the CRM?

What integrations with other software and APIs do you need?

Some situations that need to be handled require you to get a bit uncomfortable and require a bit of pain, but as they say in exercise - no pain, no gain. So suck it up, buttercup, and get your team on board. When you unveil the new results from changing your products and streamlining the procedures, all your critics will be in awe. Your business is flourishing because you trusted your plan! Then you can have your final closure and a sweet piece of cake and eat it too. The pain was just a wrinkle in your new operation. Closing the door on your old CRM has opened up a realm of new possibilities and strengthened your relationships with customers, employees, and vendors alike.

By Charl Naude, TaskSuite

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