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As if building fierce driving machines was not enough for the automobile industry to concentrate their efforts! Building cars requires many employees and a very intense manufacturing process. Still, very little detail is focused on the LEAN design of the automotive CRM or, to put it in terms Auto professional can relate to, from 0 to 100 percent in just seconds. Sadly, one of the significant pains of management in the automobile industry in the inability to automate critical industry work processes while offering 360/365 communications between manufacturers, dealers, and customers. The bottom line, auto dealerships and manufacturers can't go on thinking that nothing's wrong, oh oh... or no one is gonna drive your sales home tonight. Who's gonna pick up the data when your employees fail? Who's gonna hang it up when customers call? Who's gonna pay attention to your automobile business dreams?

Functions, Features, and Advantages

  • Observing Individual Sales Targets

  • Assigning Leads

  • Operating and Scheduling Sales Calls

  • Creating and Capturing Sales

  • Real-time Conversions of All Potential Leads

  • Improving Consumer Loyalty

  • Constant Service Communication Management

  • Scalability

  • Clean Prospect and Customer Infomation Handling

Capturing Sales Online: e-Leads

The Post-COVID world has sped up and is rapidly changing the way of purchasing vehicles. There has been an increase in online purchases of 15% this year alone! Many Americans now prefer to log on to the internet and research cars before actually visiting the dealership. Some even buy directly online, never even chatting with the physical sales team. Even test drives are becoming automated, and follow up being handled by a bot or a survey!

Customer Loyalty

Communication is the key to loyalty. CRM provides efficient prospect and customer communications, so your employees do not have to be chasing cars. Constant contact and a reminder of service via text and email are appreciated and build rapport without interfering in customers' lives too much. Happy birthday and holiday messages also seem to be appreciated by most consumers, enhancing resale and overall brand and team performance.

Automobile Management

The use of CRM gives you a real-time look at individual performance and the overall success of your automotive business. Management can quickly analyze the data, generate detailed reports, track individual rep performance, service management requests, and produce benefits or losses. CRM provides manufacturers and dealer teams with improved job performance and a detailed road map for increasing payoffs.

Charl Naude, TaskSuite

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