• Charl Naude

"Gold Rush"

The Water Is Great

I prefer to see customers gleaming. Twinkling in the profits of their business. It breaks my heart to see their eyes like sinking ships on e-commerce waters that are so inviting I almost want to jump in! The water is perfect, and the waves of disruption keep us on our toes and interested.

From A CRM Solution Provider Prospective

I don't particularly appreciate anticipating my prospective client's faces in a red flush or seeing their stressing customers because of poor business to consumer communication. Everybody wants an account-based customer-centric platform but wonders how to start and what company to partner with. But instead of asking the experts and doing the research themselves, they go for the rivers and the lakes that they are used to, which never lead them to the gold rush.

I Don't Want To Say It's Like A "Gold Rush," But A "Gold Rush" Is What It Is.

I wouldn't say I like watching prospects struggling to realize falling feels like flying until their bones crush finally. Many walk past, quick brush, short paddle looking back in slow motions double vision in the rose blush of a cold water flush, embarrassed at their inability to provide a rewarding customer experience with their big-box solutions that do not work or their homemade surfboards that break in the currents of the change waves in business. That is why we designed Tasksuite.

The Full Suite

Connect Suite - Cloud-based contact center tool for managing and supporting in and outbound, multi-channel communication flows.

CRM Suite - Organize and understand clearly who your customers are. Track all customers

and suppliers' interactions with ease.

Service Suite - Resolve Customer Care queries faster with one-touch resolutions, turning your customers into promoters that grow your business.

Chat Suite - TaskChat, a modern live chat tool built within the TaskSuite platform, lets you chat with customers and give them real-time support round-the-clock.

Loan Suite - TaskLoan allows you to manage your entire loan process & loan book in one sophisticated system and provides you with a single holistic approach to credit risk management.

Pure Love

I want to make it a win-win solution for all parties involved with enterprise-level software affordable for SMB's. I want to watch my customers' businesses grow up to be beautiful, and their customers do not ever want to work with anyone else. All their systems communicating flawlessly and falling into place like dominoes. I want them to love their CRM and it to be as and it to be solid gold for everyone. To learn more about implementing CRM in your business and getting the Midas touch, contact info@tasksuite.com.

By Charl Naude, TaskSuite


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