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How to Build a Better Wheel

Financial, Loan, & Wealth Management CRM

Financial, loan, & wealth management have been liberated with technology and the blurred lines of personal and business connectivity. This does not seem to be slowing down, especially with the Covid-effect and WFH becoming the new norm. In 2021, our work and home must reflect each other and be flexible to allow a balance that has not been seen in our society or truthfully ever needed.

Are You Plugged In?

Vendor applications must speak to each other, and the communication needs to be seamless, secure, and integrated. While CRM is the brain of your business body, an organization must not only be reliant on it. As the maker of the most potent and robust CRM, TaskSuite, I have seen, this may be an odd thing to say, but it does not make it any less accurate. Customized CRM is terrific, but with poor connection points and underdeveloped business analytics, it will do nothing, just like a computer with no power source.

You Are What You Eat!

Are you going in for the kill without being prepared? CRM is only as good as the data it is given, much like the human body; if you feed it junk, it will not run well or for long. You will never catch suitable prey or run at total capacity. When you design your Service-oriented architecture powered by your CRM, make sure it does five things well.

SOA 101 1. Fuel Prospect Identification

2. Streamline Internal Administration

3. Connect People Process Communication

4. Client Growth and Retention Automation

5. Scale

Service-Oriented Architecture

While there is always a need for continuous improvement and a way to make a better wheel, if you follow steps 1 to 5, your business will continue to roll! There is an absolute pleasure in security and confidence in remaining steadfast.

A Better Wheel? For more information on building a better wheel or simply adding more to your existing wheelhouse, contact us at info@tasksuite.com for a free evaluation of your current service-oriented architecture. The world of wealth management has changed for the better, but it is still built around people and systems to connect more people. At TaskSuite, we focus on developing a system-wide scalable service-oriented architecture designed uniquely for your business, securing the strategies you use with your people.

By Marvina Case, TaskSuite

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