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How-to-Guide on Creating a Quality Control Checklist for Campaigns

Your CRM should have the ability to do all of the following and allow you to track leads and their statuses along the way. No more balled-up pieces of paper with hand-scribbled ideas with your morning coffee. This simple how-to checklist will help get you started on the path to success.

Quality Control Checklist

⃞ Create offer

⃞ Upload offer into a marketing automation platform or a full-service CRM

⃞ Create a campaign in your CRM

⃞ Create an engaging landing page copy, creative

⃞ Update Page Name, Title, URL, meta description

⃞ Create Form public fields

⃞ Create Form hidden fields

⃞ Thank you page

⃞ Confirmation email sent

⃞ Ensure landing page submission link to correct Thank you page

⃞ Offer download and call-to-action

⃞ Follow up email, three to seven days later

⃞ Add to Post-Conversion Automation/Workflow

⃞ Ensure proper enrollment conditions into the workflow

⃞ Routing distribution to the salesperson

⃞ Set campaign status

⃞ Proper UTM tagging for offer promotion

⃞ Send multiple tests leads

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By Marvina Case, TaskSuite

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