• Charl Naude

I Knew You Were Trouble

Once upon a time, a few mistakes ago, you had customers in your sights. You found them. You got them alone. You engaged them. You had them, but I guess you didn't care. And I guess they liked that product enough that when they fell hard, you thought you could take a step back, but you cannot step back, or your business looses!

Like children, customers eventually get tired of the same story and look for new methods of engagement.

Customers Step Away! Without Customer Empathy. Without Customer Engagement.

Without CRM.

You Played Your Part: The Blame Is On You

When your business realizes they went next door and the blame is on you, from whispers on the street to the negative social reviews. You do not care about your customers. They are just a new notch in your belt, and because of your lack of customer empathy, lack of engagement, and subpar CRM, it is all your customers will ever be and single transactional memory.

The Trouble with a capital "T."

The problem is the customer is aware, and now they see. Now they all see. Now they tell...everyone! And now your business realizes the joke is on you. Your revenue stream is gone. So shame on you now. Your lack of communication and an impactful relationship flew your customers to places they have never been to. They are now safely in the arms of another vendor. And now you are in trouble. The trouble with a capital "T." The numbers are down.

Realization And Reflection

You thought about it and where it all went wrong. You know that your technology is hurting your business and making you sing that sad song from deep reflection. And your saddest fear comes creepin' in, you did it all wrong, and your business never had a chance without engagement, empathy, and customer relationship management. You are not alone. This is the song, dance, and story digital transformation experts hear all day long. It is time to pick the business off the cold hard floor and let the data doctors take care of the science. We can get you singing, writing and dancing again.

Keep the customer relationship electrified with smart technology.

Behind Every Successful Business Is Successful Technology

TaskSuite technology mimics your current internal workflows, automates them, empowers employees with transparency, encourages collaboration, and makes teamwork easier without making you change what made you great in the first place but allows you to provide the service that your customers are longing for. Over 70% of businesses plan to continue to increase their digital transformation spend in the covid pandemic.

TaskSuite will help your business give your customers the joy of the first time you met feeling in every communication.

The Road Ahead: A New Way Of Relationshiping

Approaching your business path with a customer-centric and employee empowerment mindset will reduce staff resistance as we fit in with what is already working for you and fill in the gaps of what you were missing. Conveying opportunities to upskill or re-deploy staff will increase adoption and show staff they are valued. Let your intelligent automation journey avoid challenges starting with the mindset that data is key, as is communication! Email info@tasksuite.com to start on your road to a new way of relationship with your customers.

By Charl Naude, TaskSuite

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