• Marvina Case

Is Government Response Up to Par?

Rough Year?

The world's government agencies have had a rough year. Managing a growing and diverse citizen's expectations, putting out government fires, and dealing with system information silos in this new reality of a dispersed workforce is challenging. Most government CRM's were not ready for the increase in demand nor equipt to act as an interagency collaboration tool making for a challenging transformation for employees to manage relationships with elected officials and other stakeholders all in one place.

What is the Government to Do?

How do agencies make employees comforted, supported, and empowered? By not changing the workflow but changing the platform! Providing government teams and the civilian partners with the tools they need remotely, anytime, anyplace, and by any device can help. Being able to manage requests and stay protective, productive, and connected wherever they may be working from is critical.

Real Solutions

TaskSuite is the enterprise-grade go-to cloud solution trusted by Governments around the world for secure and compliant delivery of the best possible citizen experiences. Our suite allows employees to manage needs at every instance for the remote workforce efficiently. Our easy-to-use, customer service, and support solutions enable agencies to centralize all communication by streamlining workflows and analyzing trends. The efficiency of the solution creates happier constituents and allows total collaboration with other agencies and employees.

Good Times Coming! A global governmental increase in inquiries, coordination, and reporting has been the reality since the dawn of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Still, TaskSuite has made the process painless so employees can concentrate on providing faster turnaround for citizens who need to know the status of their inquires and get their questions answered in real-time.

TaskSuite gets case management systems up in hours, and we know the importance of time with citizens in an emergency. Agency teams have real-time visibility into the volume of requests. They can provide accurate turnaround time, which strengthens the public's view of civic leaders and enforces the trust of their local government. TaskSuite is happy to help your agency deliver.

By Marvina Case, TaskSuite

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