• Charl Naude

Is It Time For A Divorce?

The Breakup

It will be okay. You both just grew apart. You grew up, and your CRM did not. We all know when it is wrong and can usually remember the exact moment when we realized the relationship was NOT going to work, and the end was inevitable. With CRM, this should not be the case or an issue.

A Not So Perfect Match?

Relationships should not be hard with your CRM. There should be no hesitation when you swipe right. The relationship with your CRM should come and develop naturally, and overtime should be so intricate that your business can not live without it, and there should always be a long kiss goodnight and a peck on the cheek when you both go to work for the day!

Divorce Time?

I look at a CRM like a human romantic relationship. There are certain things you should look for in a partner, and if you find they cannot fulfill your basic needs, a breakup is inevitable. We all have our wants, our desires, but most importantly, we have to address our real needs. If your CRM does not meet your needs - wants and desires are not on the horizon, just like with a mate. The question I have for companies is why they stay in a bad, dull, unfulfilled, and even abusive CRM relationships? There is plenty of quality fish or CRM's available in the cloud and the sea. The question you and your business need to answer is as hard as it may be, "Is it time for a divorce from your CRM?"

A Perfect 10 Out-of-the-Box

Did you date around or go for the one with the most significant advertising budget and the flashy bells and whistles you do not need and do not fit into your lifestyle? It's okay; it is a common mistake for even the most seasoned of companies. The status products do have there appeal!

Is the maintenance of your CRM killing your profits? Do you have to have a highly paid administrator keep your CRM up and running? Is the data more trouble than it is worth? Are up now asking yourself why did I invest in features and services we will never use? Are you just so set in your ways and feel it is cheaper to keep it? All CRM's should be designed industry-specific and specific to the individual organization's way of doing things. Those are questions for anyone looking at CRM, but the focus of this blog on staffing.

Staffing CRM Done Right!

Like hairdressers, staffing companies are great at helping other organizations scale. Still, they often struggle with finding the right regimen and system for themselves behind the scenes to provide the best look. Does the provider understand the needs of the Staffing industry and the subtle nuances of your business, or are they trying to sell you some cookie-cutter solution and make you fit into their mold of what they think your company should be? Does it automate your processes, reduce excess staff, and simplify things for the team you need? Can your CRM predict trends and detect potential glitches and anticipate possible opportunities? Does the CRM integrate with APIs?

Fortune Tellers, Sorcerors, and Code CRM is not a mind reader, but the right architecture can allow for variances within your business, and the right CRM can adapt to change seamlessly, removing the need to have multiple systems to get the job done. Staffing companies have large amounts of personal data, and security should be one of the critical features of your CRM. If you answered unfavorably to any of these questions, a CRM health check is in order, and TaskSuite can help.

Popping the Question

Before you put a ring on that CRM virtual finger, spend all your time and large amounts of money on integration and customization to walk down that aisle, do your due diligence. Make sure your CRM completes you and can hold your heart and data forever. Talk to friends and check references and resource like the Beter Business Bureau for reviews. To avoid a costly divorce again, as well as the pain of baggage and drama, smart companies must concentrate on a well-balanced approach. Businesses must also be willing to take the time to understand their processes and develop proper people airtight solutions. When companies take the time to get to know themselves, the marriage to their CRM is unbreakable. Staffing organizations can then concentrate on doing what staffing agencies are known for - helping others find their perfect match in employees.

By Charl Naude, Tasksuite

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