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 Is the Cure Worse Than the Disease? 

A Tale of Two CRM's

 It was the best of CRM's; it was the worst of CRM's, it was the age of technology, it was the age of zoom meetings, it was the epoch of pandemic, it was the epoch of minimalization, it was the season of Sun, it was the season of face coverings, it was the spring of the adoption of artificial intelligence, it was the winter of social distancing, we had everything before this, we now have nothing but our technology ahead of us to fall back on. 

Is Your Technology Enough?

How did your current CRM adjust? Was your CRM instance able to successfully adapt, or are you underutilizing your CRM, or is your CRM just not cut out for this post COVID world? How do organizations find out without suffering the symptoms resulting in customer loss or worse death of the business? The Challenge In this post-pandemic era, when logistic DNA is falling apart, and modern workflows are disrupted, continuing productive customer-centric relations with our only method being online tools has proven to be challenging. It is cleary manifested the worst of customer relationship management tools and exposed shortcomings and failures as well as outlined strengths and never before used features. 

 Is the Cure Worse Than the Disease? 

An exact adaptive solution is needed for a successful small to medium size business to survive, just like a vaccine. Post quarantine and shutdown, many SMB's are finding it challenging to breathe financially during this COVID-19 time and realize they must streamline processes while maintaining exceptional but simplified quality customer interactions. But how is that achieved? The cure of new technology cannot cost more than the symptoms suffered. 

The Constant Juggle of Business Performance and Personal Communication.

Businesses are juggling the issues of trying to manage, higher IT cost, lower productivity, employee depression, poor internet connections, and weak customer interactions with costly tools that no longer can meet their needs. If a concrete solution is not found, many SMB's will close down before this pandemic is over.

No Time for Trial and Error.

As we know, work still needs to be done. Customer Service issues resolved. Opportunities uncovered. New Sales must continue to happen. Employees, regardless if in the office or virtual, must still collaborate. Sign up for a free CRM health check today. 

Embrace Technology: Think. Learn. Grow.

It is time to realize this is not going away quickly and embrace technology now to ensure adaptability in the future. The adoption of functional CRM, along with adaptable employees, positions an organization's continuous growth and thrive in the years to come. Take the next step to move your business beyond pandemic and to future technological innovations. 

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 By Marvina Case, TASKSUITE

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