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Is Your CRM Agile?

Agile methodologies can have an ever-changing set of requirements as time goes on. With this methodology, there is a chance for a constant response from the users. This method emphasizes direct, face-to-face communication while encouraging teamwork.  All parties are required to truly work together to make the product precisely what the customer needs. 

This method is excellent when you are striving to improve continuously. Due to the constant rate of feedback, there is a continuous improvement process. Customers' voices are heard, and the team behind the product works diligently together to ensure everything goes smoothly and seamlessly. But is your CRM up for the challenge? Can it adapt quickly with the changes in your Agile methodology?

The Agile methodology requires a series of steps.

Planning is the first aspect of Agile. The team works together to divide up the project concerning the priority of each element.

After this, all team members need to interact to seek further information on the project. Researching the product's purpose is vital to understanding the requirements. 

After careful research has been done, the design of the software or system must begin. The team must work together and communicate effectively to work towards a common end goal. 

Once all ideas are set, and in place, the process of creating and testing begins. As the program or software begins to develop, it is vital to make sure the kinks get worked out. 

Think the coding is complete? Now, a great deal of testing is necessary. How does this shape up to consumer expectations?

Once the software/system s complete, be ready to hear back again from the customer. There may be questions, concerns, or problems that arise once the product is entirely in use. 

So, when should you use Agile?

Agile is a methodology entirely based on constant communicational methods to create a more collaborated effort with a vast amount of feedback. Using this allows more open availability in regards to perspective and simplicity through the process of prioritizing. Agile promotes teamwork. With such great necessity for communication and openness, but the creator and consumer can work towards the most significant possible product. 

 Agile methodology prioritizes customer satisfaction, hence leaving room for constant change. The plan is never stagnant! Simplicity and usability are a prime focus, as is creation speed. Now, companies need to apply Agile methodology in the CRM they use.

With the Agile methodology, the customer's voice is a vital part of the production process. Customers feel like a member of the team, and because of this, they end up with a higher quality product. 

Without a clear path and a set schedule, the final product may be a bit of a mystery at first. Nothing ever begins to feel monotonous because of this, allowing team members never to feel annoyed with their work and product.  

By Marvina Case, TaskSuite

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