• Ivana Bland

Marketing in a Minute:Smart Technology is Powerless Without CRM

If driving tangible business value with Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning are in your plan, you must first perfect the basics to unmask their potential. Smart Technology is Powerless without clean data.

To learn how the tackle the trickiest Security, IT, and DevOps concerns, collect, index, and stream all your data at any scale, you must focus on digital transformation. But where does a business start the Digital Transformation process?

It all starts with data and ends with data. Your business's heart, brain, and soul must be your CRM, and it's time to capitalize on it. Customer Relationship Management - CRM allows companies to analyze and visualize the data in an instant. Engage CRM and put that collected, clean data to work, increasing business profits and staff productivity.

To capitalize on your CRM, and for more tips on enhancing processes, detecting anomalies, and enabling predictive analytics take a look at TaskSuite.com and get on the fast track to digital transformation success and higher revenue.

By Ivana Bland, TaskSuite

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