• Charl Naude

Mr. Perfectly Fine

The "Dear John" Letter of a New TaskSuite Customer

Mr. Perfect GUI face. Mr. Here to stay. Mr. Looked us in the eye and told us you would never go down!" Mr. Everything was right... until you crashed multiple times. Mr. High maintenance. Mr. CRM administrator on site. Mr. - We've been waiting for a "Perfect" CRM all our lives! Mr. Every single day until the end, I will be by your business's side...

Change of Heart But that was when I got to know Mr. Change of heart. Mr. Leaves my business all alone, so we fall apart. It takes everything in us to work each day. Your CRM system fails to deliver in so many ways. But it's wonderful to see that you're marketing to new business and doing financially okay. Many companies like mine trusted you, and we all struggling the same! Struggling to get the data we need, spending more on training, and always fixing your brokedown things.

If Misery Paid Your Customers Would Be Rich Hello, Mr. Perfectly fine. How's your business after breaking mine? Mr. Always at the right place at the right time, baby. Hello, Mr. Casually customer cruel. Mr. Everything revolves around your customer acquisition, and then you are missing customers on hold or simply hung up on in the queue! Our business has been Miss Misery since you got paid. I understand you do not care because we signed a contract, and you have us until its end date.


Mr. Never told me why you couldn't deliver what you promised. Mr. "Never had to see our CSR's cry. Mr. Insincere apology department so your company doesn't look like the bad guy.

Your big CRM conglomerate nonchalantly goes about its day! You forget you ever even heard my companies name until it's time to renew. Well, we thought you might be different than the rest, but I guess big CRM companies all the same.

Discombobulated Data Because I hear they got their arm 'round a brand-new prospect. I've been pickin' up my data that they dropped or lost. They have been pickin' up new customers with their lies and flashy marketing. And we never got past what you put us through, our data migration was poor, and the information is discombobulated. If you could, you would charge us for air! There is a price to doing business with you, and it's not fair! But it's wonderful to see that my data damage never phased you or your big spend marketing team. If you spend more time on developing your solution, you would less time on legal fees!

Cheaper Price + Better Solution + Sexier Design = TaskSuite This goodbye is bittersweet. We have found a CRM that is truly at the right place, at the right time! We have found our forever CRM, and it is priced better and will never go away! It's $250 a user a month to your $753.20. It does all you said you would and is in one unified omnichannel system suite. TaskSuite is up 99.9+% of the time! No more costly add-on products as it is in TaskSuite standard solution. There is no need for your #SalesForce, #Monday.com, #Zendesk, #Five9, #CxEngage, #Slack, #SnapEngage, and #Mailchimp. TaskSuite truly partnered with us with a customized CRM GUI to meet all our needs.

Ms. Perfectly Fine

And it's really such a shame because my company was Miss Here to stay. Now we are Miss Gonna be alright with a vendor that cares today, tomorrow, and meets our company's needs all the time! And someday, maybe you'll miss us and get your action plan right, but by then, you'll be Mr. Too late. My company moved on, and we will be Ms. Perfectly fine.

By Charl Naude, TaskSuite

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