• Marvina Case

Off to the races?

So you implemented Cloud technology, now what?

Implementing cloud technology in the contact center is not the end game. Migrating to the cloud is only the mechanism for driving a value-add digital transformation to deliver outstanding customer encounters.

Where do you start?

Collaboration and inclusion of the entire digital transformation team is a great place, especially when one considers how complex and time consuming the process was. It is imperative to stay united on collective concepts, objectives, and assets during the whole procedure to get the most value from cloud-based digital transformation.

A few important questions to help get you out of the gate.

What was the most amazing customer experience each team member had, and when was it?

What defines a successful digital transformation?

Ask each team member to list out their priorities and discuss the ways the cloud can improve them.

Has your digital transformation created a seamless omnichannel communication network?

Are your systems more user-friendly?

Has your digital transformation reduced operational costs?

Has the digital transformation increased revenue?

Has your digital transformation improved customer interaction and response times?

Has your Digital Transformation generated a greater return on investment?

What customer channels have seen the most growth and have the most potential when interacting with your brand? Break these numbers down by age range, spend, and gender, and location.

A. agent voice

B. webchat

C. email

D. mobile/SMS

E. social media,

F. IVR/AI self-service

G.  branch office

Have each team member breakdown what key CX metrics they want to improve during your digital transformation?

What are the critical performance indicators that identify with the shared understanding of success?

What is the detail that is needed to achieve it?

What are the onboarding and training required for employees to master your new system?

What hiccups are preventing the team from significant change?

What multi-year and multi-person plan is in place for new organizational and staffing changes? How will that affect your digital transformation?

Got you thinking?

If you have these questions or more and would like to talk with a consultant, contact TaskSuite. We can be reached at info@tasksuite.com or sign up on our website for free CRM Health Check and a demo of a solution that can replace seven systems with one and boost your Digital transformation efforts to new heights.

Marvina Case, TaskSuite

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