• Charl Naude

Picture To Burn

Bubble Burst

State the obvious, you didn't get your perfect fantasy. You realized your provider loves themselves more than they could ever love you. Their out-of-the-box solution does not suit your needs and the customization cost for each l and every little thing.


By the way, you mentioned you hate that stupid old dashboard, and they never let you drive or truly make it yours. You needed to fit in their one size fits all sweater, but you are paying for Tailor-made! It does not accentuate your business formation, and it makes you seem. Sometimes goodbyes are needed, and the grass is greener or a minimum growing on the other side and out of the box!

Burn, Burn, Burn, Baby, Burn

They are a conglomerate heartbreak who's really bad at lying, and it is time for them to watch you strike a match on all your wasted time and walking away from continuing to waste money. They are just another provider to burn, just like a picture. There's no time for tears. TaskSuite can address all those fears. We are just sitting here planning your success. Nothing stops you from utilizing the best competitors, and we will help ensure you are getting way more for a lot less!

Never Settle

All problems are not CRM product issues. Sometimes it is a human problem. 65-70% of CRM's fail because of low user adoption. Siloed departments can also cause problems with centralization. Bad data is a huge issue as well. Poor planning and lack of forward-thinking in choosing a CRM can cause major issues too.


Some issues are related to picking the wrong vendor. When you do not take into account growth and business evolution, you can start a trip down a very dark and bumpy road. The level of support does not cover your needs. The functionality you want is not possible with the system you implemented. API's are not easily added, and the learning curve is too high. When deciding on your vendor, it requires a lot of thought, or you will be burning more than a picture and losing what makes your business a success, both repeat customers and good employees. To get a free guide on how to pick the right CRM for your business, email info@tasksuite.com and find your picture-perfect CRM solution with time to burn!

By Charl Naude, TaskSuite


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