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Something Wicked This Way Comes

The Year Of Crazy

It's 2020, and nothing seems to be outside the realm of possibilities in business this year. Truthfully, close encounters of the 3rd kind would fit right in with this corona toilet paper reality Americans have been living in! So what does that mean for 2021? That is the question on my mind, and I am sure many others! BTW, Happy Halloween? It may or may not be for retailers in 2020. What does the holiday shopping season have in store for the business world? Many fear something wicked this way coming, but I think it is more of a change in the tide and does not mean cash will not, but the rivers and streams may look a bit different.

How Do We Prepare?

That is a good question, many business minds are going round and round on a carousel not knowing what to do, and the truth is no one knows if businesses will be in heaven or hell. What we do know is that anything is possible, and online will always be a factor. One thing is for sure this trip to the business carnival does not have to be nightmarish if you have the right tools in place. A smart CRM that is adaptable to the changing markets and manages customer experience well is key to success in today's market and tomorrow's challenges.

What IS Good CRM?

The answer is different for everyone, and it should be! There are certain things that all CRM should do, and then there is what your CRM must-do for you specifically to your business. Your CRM must communicate with sales, marketing, and operations. A Good CRM provides a 360 view of your organization to all users at appropriate levels.

  1. Customer Data must be integrated with Order Management.

  2. Support must be able to access all the needed data in one system.

  3. Warehouse management, email, and order management must be unified.

To get a free guide to help you decide what services, features, and functions are right for you, email info@tasksuite.com. Being prepared is not as hard as you may think. Being successful is a process. Being proactive is the key to ensure your business curtains never close, and you do not have to take a final bow. Remember that something wicked that comes can also be growth, profits, and innovation. Your action or lack of action will determine the results! Think. Learn. Grow. TaskSuite

By Marvina Case, TaskSuite

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