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Teach a Man to Fish


John's business was doing AMAZINGLY well at the start of 2020.

He'd cracked the sales/marketing part.

Now clients and sales were rolling in, and his sales team was happy...

The only problem was he was now drowning in fulfillment.

He felt like he was spending all of his time and energy managing his team…

And cleaning up their mistakes last minute.

The "got a minute" was adding up.

It felt like his business was crippled.

He had thousands of dollars worth of software they didn't even really use.

All the gadgets, gizmos, and software tools his company picked up over the years.

Only to end up doing things the old fashioned way…

A constant game of "telephone" at the office that worked well for a while,

But was quickly crashing with every significant move in the business.

ESPECIALLY with the big push to work from home.

Something had to be done.

They HAD to adapt to survive.

Hello, Charl here, founder and CEO of TaskSuite.

If this story sounds familiar, you are NOT alone!

Many business owners were blindsided this year.

Even though more consumers have been online than ever before,

- and sales are up -

The way we do business has changed.

More and more people are moving away from the office and staying there.

Every business is different.

Each one needs a specific plan.

Which is why -- for a limited time only -- we are going to give business owners a Digital Brand Blueprint

We'll help you identify your bottlenecks and show you exactly how to solve them.

So if you've been:

Burning out in front of a glowing computer screen for weeks at a time

Opening up email in the morning to play a neverending game of wack-a-mole

Dreading talking to the team and finding out what new negative thing awaits you

Client communication falling through, team dropping the ball

Bleeding our money for software that you don't use

Discovering team members telling 'tall tales' or flat out doing nothing

Having a sense of being in the dark when it comes to your business

You're going to LOVE knowing what it's like to:

Having time to work ON your biz rather than IN it, so you're able to focus on the higher level ideas and projects.

Knowing who to hire and when, and how to delegate to them

Being able to trust your team FULLY to get outstanding results

Not check your email or messages because you have reporting and project management systems in place that work.

Take an actual vacation, without worrying or beating yourself up.

Run your business entirely from your mobile device

That's what life is like when you have the right system in place.

And we want to sit down with you and give you a custom' Dream Business' blueprint FREE.

We'll talk about where your business is at, identify the key bottlenecks, and give you a plan to change it.


It will be a plan 100% specific to YOUR business.

You'll be able to implement this strategy immediately and get outstanding results.

Having everything you need to run a smooth business effectively will work like a well-oiled machine online and off.

This free consultation will open your eyes.

Not all businesses qualify, so click the link below and enter your info.

If everything checks out, you'll be able to schedule your Digital Brand Blueprint call.

Talk soon.


Charl Naude, TaskSuite

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