• Charl Naude

The "1"

TaskSuite is doing good, it's 2021, and we are on some new CRM innovations. We've been saying "Yes" instead of "No to collaboration, embracing technology, and expanding how we do business." We hit the ground running each day and night to ensure global customers can contact us anytime, anywhere, and anywhere from any device.

At TaskSuite, we believe success should be measured in how our services make our customers feel and if it provides peace of mind and spirit without sacrificing quality, increasing efficiency in response time, and lowering business costs.

Our Canned response powered chatbot system was put to the test with the global pandemic as we had to adjust the way we operated without disrupting our clients and keeping our beloved employees safe. As stay-at-home orders were put in place thanks to our technology, we were able to continue working without skipping a beat and offering compassionate consumer engagement for expedient service!

We had more website visits and a substantial increase in phone calls as new clients searching for digital communication channel solutions that would serve all their needs to integrate into their systems for a more efficient process that is a straightforward point-and-click interface text, CRM, and support. We did it all, and we even customized the look and feel of our Suite of service to support our customer's brand! This is why once you become a TaskSuite customer, businesses stay for life. Our mission is world-class expertise in one easy to use solution. TaskSuite is "The 1".

By Charl Naude, TaskSuite

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