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The Future of Work

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

The Reality of 2020

Working from the office may no longer be a reality for many workers. Corporations have realized real estate is not needed in #WFH. Companies like #Microsoft and #Dell are offering workers to work from home permanently. It's a mutually beneficial offer! No reason for that $30,000 electric bill, no reason for the $15,000 on coffee, tea, creamer, and sugar. No reason for on-site security. No reason to take that new mom and dad away from their baby!

The United Nations International Labour Organization found that employees are more productive at home and work longer hours. This may excite some companies, but it also means their employees may burn out faster and have greater stress, causing more health issues.

Working From Home Benefits

1.Overhead cost reduction

a. Buildings

b. Security

c. Utilities

d Refreshments

2. Fewer employee absences

3. Environmental benefits

Working From Home Concerns

1. Employees Working too much

2. Life Interruptions:

a. Family

b. Pets

c. Household chores

3. Lack of human interaction

4. Serious communication and collaboration Issue

5. Inability to regulate employee efforts because of technology issues

Employees will enjoy autonomy and the chance to work in their ideal environment, and companies can enjoy the increased performance and efficiency, which equates to higher profits! If they employ the right technology. TaskSuite can help companies with that! So here is to happiness and balance between work and home and continuous learning on making the whole world Zen.

By Marvina Case, TaskSuite

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