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The Juggling Act: Real Estate CRM

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

The job of a real estate agent is to find a solution for multiple clients and prospects at the same time while constantly juggling different stages and closures along with acting as a trusted advisor for help over the obstacles of the entire buying process. On top of it all, an agent must find, gain trust, retain, nurture existing clients, and find new prospects to replace those who find their forever home. How do agents make a real impact in an ever-changing, fluctuating market to gain the buyer's heart and mind? How do you keep them coming back to you for every real estate purchase and become their realtor for life?

Consistency Constant relevant contact with a personal touch will get you started on the lifetime journey. Consistency is key for a loyal customer base. You need to woo them into loyalty, develop a tangible relationship, and be a part of their lives. It would be best if you made your relationship matter. You must show there is value in continuing a relationship with you. Customer experience is the deciding factor for a one-house agent or a realtor for life. Loyalty Remember that birthday with a reflection on a conversation you shared, asking about the little league game and if the 8-year-old made it to the playoff's, sending an article on aging parents and MLS listings with a casita, and mortgage rates lowered is it time for a refinance or maybe an upgrade to a new ranch style home now that the kids are out of the house, that #CXmoments matter. Thoughtfulness matters, and building a solid social customer database that you can segment will be your way to send personalized, insightful messages.

Overview Your CRM should provide a 360-degree view prospects and clients and their past interactions on a single omnichannel platform. The team must view, track, and manage all communication history, past appointments, open tasks, and even the email, text, and webchat to understand and make personalized, meaningful conversations to make that juggling act not on a tight rope as well.


Managing transaction does not need to be stressful or cumbersome even when dealing with multiple clients. The days of missing follow-ups, losing transactions, or prospective clients will be over once you get your CRM in place and further develop your digital transformation. Your agents will have insight into every stage of the deal attached to a property and track every conversation, text, voice, chat, and email attached to the deal with just a click of a button. That is the value of Real Estate in CRM.


Imagine how beneficial it will be to track each transaction's processes and progression, forecast sales, identify the bottlenecks, and finally use those CRM analytics to make decisions on where to focus your efforts and marketing dollars. To know which geographical territory offers the best close-ratio instantly without any effort. To ensure customer loyalty, process efficiency, boost agent productivity, and finally achieve full team profitability with CRM knowledge share would revolutionize how you do business. Through CRM automation, timeliness and inconsistency are no longer an issue. Real Estate Agencies can make smart decisions with insightful analytics from day one without fear of dropping a ball and running the show. To learn more about our Real Estate CRM and get a free evaluation of your current solutions' effectiveness, email info@tasksuite. Real estate does not have to be a three ring circus.

By Marvina Case, TaskSuite

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