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The Plan

In 2021, many businesses realize it is time for an organizational shift. Keeping your teams flexible and agile to introduce commerce on new channels to ensure successful customer outcomes is the primary goal. That means integrating with different platforms via API's. To deliver an Omni-brand experience, APIs' use is paramount in integrating third-party sources, such as tomorrow's, MeWe, Telegram, or any messenger apps.

Quality CRM software offers four significant benefits for your business:

  1. Easy access to customer data as a single source of truth.

  2. Streamlined processes through automation.

  3. Actionable insights into business performance and customer behavior.

  4. Integration

There are several steps to getting the team buy-in and achieving the creation of a cohesive brand experience.


  1. Define the customer use case

  2. Collaborate, understand, and buy-in from all shareholders on commerce transformation

  3. Partner with Pro's to streamline steps

  4. Think, Learn, Live Test, and Grow

  5. Refine and repeat

A few questions you should answer along the way in your agility and performance plans.

  1. How do internal stakeholders streamline steps in the process?

  2. How do we best align tools to customers' unique behaviors?

  3. How do we build a business case centered around user experience?

The goal of all initial organizational meetings should understand your customers and the challenges. Only by addressing those concerns will the team members fully embrace and realize what is at stake. Once that is understood, the team can define what success looks like for your brand and how to be agile enough to convert new customers. This will be a continuous process as the way the companies do business and how they interact with customers evolves. There will be small victories and some losses. You cannot solve every problem overnight, but you can put a roadmap in place and outline critical milestones, proving fruitful and showing a return on time, staff, and technology investment. The end game is always to be prepared in ready mode to utilize the right channels at the ideal moment. To learn more tips on readiness and how to develop a roadmap, email marvina@tasksuite.com.

By Marvina Case, TaskSuite

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