• Marvina Case

The Power of Influence

Updated: May 21, 2021

Partner for Prosperity? Do you ever wonder why vendors partner? It is for many reasons, but one of the main ones for TaskSuite is it is good to network and collaborate to offer our customers the best, most cost-effective solutions out there! Partnering allows you have the opportunity to develop robust and lifelong business relationships with companies and individuals in those companies that have value to your organization and the individual employee.

Through partnerships, companies place their products in their partner's customers' hands, allowing customers to try out the product without being sold without feeling pressured and allowing vendors to reach out to market shares and demographics they may not have ever encountered. Without needing a meeting, or a physical showroom, as a partner to the "right" partner, your product is white-gloved to a customer who has trust in the brand they already purchased and has a secure relationship, and that gives you an advantage over your competitors.

Partner for Creativity? Partnerships foster creativity and open your organization to seeing things from a perspective you may not have ever imagined. That can send you back to the drawing board and into a development idea about improving your product and impacting your partner, and, more importantly, impacting your customer positively—these steps better position your brand and, in the long run, increase your revenue. Happy customers equal continued customers! Benefits of Partnership 1. Elevate Brand Perception 2. Out of the Box Thinking 3. Joint Venture Marketing = Lower Cost and Greater Reach 4. Capitalize on Partners Customers

Partner for Respect? Who you are associated with says a lot about you both personally and professionally. The same is true for a business. Reputation matters! Who you know and how you interact with who you know affects your standing to prospective customers. Partnering with a quality partner can assist you in growing your brand and increase your footprint in the marketplace. Choosing the proper organization to partner with is an essential step in expanding your reach. All in all, partnership causes higher brand perception and gives your brand more clout. Your partners help prospective customers know your worth.

Who is the "Right" Partner? That is why it is imperative to partner with companies that offer quality products and exceptional service. At TaskSuite, we believe in partnering for business enablement success. Our CRM helps businesses enable strategic growth. If you are interested in learning more about our partners and making IT happen by potentially becoming a TaskSuite partner, please reach out to us at info@tasksuite.com. Let's collaborate, and invoke the true power of influence, and together, we can think, learn and grow! By Marvina Case, TaskSuite

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