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The Problem with Sales People...

Trade Secret

I want to start by saying I am a salesperson, and I love myself, flaws and all. I am good a what I do, really good; in fact, I even train other salespeople on my ways to become better salespeople. One area that many exceptional salespeople fall short in is ... data integrity. You may ask why? It isn't because they do not know how to use the software, it's because they see the value of data, and if it's accurate, they are more easily replaced. That's right, I said it. Most salespeople know way more about an account than "the companies" records show, and the reason is... job security.

The Truth

So how does a company address this? Honestly, of course. The best way to handle any situation, in my opinion, is with the truth. It could be because I am a lousy liar or because the truth has always set me free, and it will also free your business and salespeople. I know you are skeptical, but hear me out, or in this case, read it out before you stop reading and go back to surfing the internet. The best salespeople or Maverics do not typically color in the lines or follow the protocols sales, marketing, or operations set in place. Still, you allow it because profits mean more than obedience or adherence to policy in most cases.

If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It!

In this case, that mindset is wrong, dead wrong. Something does not have to be broken to require further development for improvement and optimization. What if the Mavoric did not need to carry the team? What if job security was not a genuine fear for your salespeople because everyone was doing well and always knew where they were standing? Well, there is a way and a path to this, but it is not easy, and you may lose some folks along the way, but when you get to the end of the beginning of this journey, you will see the light and how bright it shines for your organization.

That's All, Folks

It is time to pin the tail on that not so little piggy. It starts with hiring. It would be best if you had a plan. HR needs to be trained in this plan. You need to spend the money on the front end to increase profits on the back end. You may be asking how? It is simple, very simple. Companies must lay down the law. Make sure the expectation is set from the beginning that every salesperson must keep their pipeline data accurate. No exceptions. Period. Would you please put it in the job offer? If it is not fully documented in the CRM, it did not occur. For those salespeople who still have a little black book, use sticky notes, outlook, and text messages. Your illegitimate sales will not be compensated and won't be factored into any forecasting.

There are Consequences to Actions

Remove salespeople from the lead distribution when they do not update their owned records in the CRM for 66 days. According to Healthline, "it can take anywhere from 18 to 254 days for a person to form a new habit and an average of 66 days for a new behavior to become automatic.."

Incentivize salespeople who hit their numbers while maintaining data with the slush fund deals of those that did not document it in your CRM.

Data is Key

While you do not want to have your team think data equals revenue, you want them to understand is an essential step to more significant revenue. Data integrity will lead to higher revenue, shorter sales cycles, and better marketing and overall corporate operation.

The Value of Data

Accurate data allows leadership to plan and strategize on the next steps for growth by outlining what worked and what should be abandoned. The data analytics will allow more money to be put into lead sources that work, yielding a higher close ratio which will make everyone happy, including salespeople. The bottom line is leadership and salespeople both have a common goal, money, and if they work honestly together, both will reap the rewards of data integrity.

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By Marvina Case, Tasksuite

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