• Chris Winters

The Quick and Dirty on Data Maturity

The Hard Questions Smart Businesses Know the Answers To.

What's your current go-to-market strategy on data maturity?

How transparent are you with the revenue team about why quality data matters to the entire company's success?

After achieving buy-in, what steps have you taken to make it easy for the team to use?

Have you set up data quality control processes for new campaigns or programs?

What is on your Quality Control Checklist? Is it easy for Sales to use?

Have you created and applied consequences and incentives for high-quality data management?

Are you cross-checking systems daily to ensure records are flowing and properly being tagged?

Have you set up weekly calendar reminders to clean up or update records?

Do you include the team in the discussion on data integrity protocols on an ongoing basis to get feedback?

If you are having trouble answering any of these questions, you need a data maturity assessment to get your go-to-market data infrastructure built to scale. TaskSuite can help. Reach out to us at info@tasksuite.com. As almost half (49%) of US workers say, they are likely to leave their current job if they're unhappy or frustrated with the technology they use at work. Please do not ignore this statistic as it can take up to nine months to replace employees with knowledge transfer and cost up to 60% of their salary.

Quick and Dirty - Technology Matters!

By Chris Winters, TaskSuite

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