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The Skinny on Lean Manufacturing

The Art of Manufacturing Excellence

There is an art to manufacturing and design that we seldom discuss and celebrate. Customers see the quality of the tangible product, but all the planning and logistics that go on behind the scenes are rarely acknowledged. While quality products are essential, and that is the focus of most manufacturers, it is not the only factor of success. The delivery of total quality requires the successful management of all relationships. Manufacturers must ensure they maintain relationships with supply and distribution chains.

Smart Manufacturing

If you are tired of chewing the fat and want to get to the meat of the problem, you must embrace technology. Smart manufacturers must leverage open architecture software to gain competitive advantage and integrate with internal systems to get a holistic view from every angle of their business in one platform that manages stakeholders. Using CRM, companies can aggregate and analyze real-time data from multiple sources to figure out process errors that contribute to product defects.

The Six Benefits of Manufacturing CRM

Smart Supply Chain

Product Quality Improvement

Real-Time Accurate Forecasting

Warranty, Repair, and Service Issue Tracking

Customer Behavior Analytics to Close More Business

Happier More Informed Employees

A Leaner Organization

It is time to embrace your true business potential with Manufacturing CRM and add definable value by creating a leaner organization that anticipates and meets demands quickly and efficiently. In today's market, waste equates to the death of your profits and the end of your business. Efficiency is king, and circular data is the way to eliminate time switching between multiple platforms to complete daily tasks.

TaskSuite integrates all the intricate parts to make the well-oiled machine run better. We automate workflows and improve collaboration so that manufacturers can build not only the best tangible products but the best experiences for everyone along the chain—especially the customers. Sign up for an evaluation of your current solution and start leveraging the power of smart management technology and get the skinny on being lean.

Charl Naude, TaskSuite

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