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The Technology Behind Saving The World

Non-Profit Cloud Efficiency

Every nonprofit dreams of donors for life, but few actually ever get those types of donors and are left with the question of why? The reasons are typically pretty simple. You are not putting enough money to the cause and have high overhead or not creating memorable donor-centric experiences. With all that is going on today, we need more kindness and the ability to increase staff capacity to deliver vital programs that improve society—efficiency in your digital transformation path to lead to that outcome.

TaskSuite was designed with flexibility in mind so nonprofits can have a 360 view of donors and still have a solution that addresses all of their needs and pain points while being able to easily map people, organizations, and other designations as “donors,” “volunteers,” and "influencers," "employees" as well as any other classification that the nonprofit team requires. Tasksuite features include everything a non-profit needs and the ability to customize all your wants and desires.

TaskSuite is an all-inclusive solution that combines the powers of the following solutions for a price a nonprofit can afford.









TaskSuite enables non-profits to track their online and offline donation history, event participation, and pledges within a single profile that covers CRM, Project Management,

Helpdesk, Voice/PBX, Contact Center, Internal Discussions, Webchat, and Mass Mailing. For a free evaluation of your current solution, please email info@tasksuite.com. Let's get you on the right path for Donors for Life. TaskSuite will be the technology behind saving the world so you can concentrate on doing what you and your staff do best, making the world a better place!

By Charl Naude, TaskSuite

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