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Vitamin CRM Deficiency

Pandemic Proof

Unlike most industries in this pandemic, vitamin sales have boosted in revenue almost as fast as the world shutdown. It is hard to keep products on the shelves but even harder to keep customers happy when you cannot provide the product. When vitamin providers cannot give real dates on availability or manage customer complaints properly, they most likely have a severe Vitamin CRM deficiency. Vitamin CRM deficiency can lead businesses to a loss of customer density, contributing to sluggish sales and fractures in profitability. Severe vitamin CRM deficiency can also lead to business death.

Anything to Stay Healthy

US dietary supplement sales were almost 17% higher than a year ago in the four weeks to July 11, according to data provider Nielsen. In March, there was a 51% increase, and that growth has continued into Summer and now Fall. Multinationals such as Nestlé, Procter & Gamble, and Reckitt Benckiser have jumped into the market in recent years because of this boom. Consumers around the world and will spend anything to stay healthy and boost their immunity and health. However, the best service and a large number of choices in providers mean vendor businesses need to remain consumer and customer-centric to keep the company—the importance of Vitamin CRM is easy to see and comes into play.

Vitamin CRM

While some might say, COVID elevated the sales, the reality is young people value health even more than their elders. Generation Z and millennials are all about natural ways to improve quality of life. They drink and smoke less and go to the gym more often, so vitamins and minerals will continue to be a positive upward revenue stream and a market that will endure. Despite the CDC saying good quality food is the best medicine, supplements will continue to have consumer buying power as new varieties emerge. That is why vendors must have a versatile CRM, like TaskSuite, that provides the data needed to change with the changing markets, and provide the best customer service to separate themselves from the growing list of providers.

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By Marvina Case, TaskSuite

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