• Marvina Case

What Your 2022 Business Resolution Should Be

Building an effective business development strategy for 2022 can be overwhelming. Without sufficient resources and accurate market intelligence, moving forward will result in missed opportunities and lower win rates.

Understanding and developing a productive 2022 strategy will help you respond to changing market dynamics — with speed, agility, and efficiency. The first step is always to address your critical IT challenges. If you are like many businesses, you may be wondering where to begin. TaskSuite has you covered.

Addressing the Following IT Challenges is Critical for a Successful 2022

Secure data and Supply-chain integrity

Develop strategies and controls, institutional infrastructure, and institutional workforce skills to safeguard.

Digital Transformation

Operational efficiency, agility, and institutional workforce development improvements that support digital fluency to foster creative, equitable, and innovative customer experience

Work-Life Employee Location and Balance

Investing in creating a blended work home balance to provide digital and physical work and learning spaces at the office and home by providing flexible connectivity and tools that assist in any time, any place work model

Disaster Relief Plan

Create an actionable disaster-preparation plan to capitalize on pandemic-related cultural change and investments

SaaS Cloud Strategy

Start maintaining and reducing costs with the cloud.

What businesses need to embrace in 2022 is the mindset of evolving or, like the dinosaurs become extinct. IT must improve its maturity in pivotal capabilities in shifting to a model that embraces collaboration between remote workers and office workers to maintain relevance in the organization and understand both internal and external customer expectations have shifted. Customer spending habits have moved away from in-person activities to online.

The process of developing a technology-enhanced post-pandemic company vision and value proposition is daunting but not impossible. Technologies for CRM customer relationship management, patch management, endpoint detection and response (EDR), data loss prevention (DLP), and security information and event management (SIEM) are all useful and needed for improving the capabilities that matter for customer experience. While one cannot predict the future with 100% certainty, we can always be assured that retention and acquisition will always be the front center for success regardless of how we do business.

For more information on building a successful 2022 with technology, visit www.tasksuite.com.

By Marvina Case, TaskSuite

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