• Charl Naude

Wildest Dreams

Rich Data Poor Data

When it comes to data, sometimes the best solutions require you to get out of the norm. A business must move away from the city's big names and flashing lights and drive away from the crowds. Many companies get to the mindset that not even heaven can help now when they sign those three-year contracts and are married to a solution that doesn't fit business needs. Their companies have poor data conversion and wealthy data costs. It's when they realize that nothing lasts forever, but if we do not jump ship, this will take us down fast. I recommend this product, and my job is on the line. It's the status quo, but it is only worth it and functions as a shilling on a dime.

The Status Quo CRM Does Not Work!

The CRM is not robust, but the CRM's Goliath advertising was done so well. The service is so bad, but they sell it so well. Operations can see the end as it begins. They have customization and implementation fees that are bringing your business to its knees. The company spent so much money on what was positioned as the prettiest CRM dress with marketing and red lips and rosy cheeks, but the CRM is so bad our customer service and sales force say our customers won't see us again even in our wildest dreams. This product has left us a wall fire with no stamps on our dance card.

When Operations Speaks and Takes Action

I said, "No one has to know what we do." We can use this overpriced CRM product as a run-through, so no one realizes it was a bad investment. In three years we can dump it and show a more significant profit. Let's find a solution or supplements that work and allow for our hands to mold the strains of data so we can be customer-centric and hear customers' voices sing our praises again.

Eureka, We Have Found Tasksuite!

TaskSuite has all the service tasks you need to strengthen customer engagement in one platform. Let TaskSuite be the answer to your wildest dreams!

You'll be able to:

  1. Support customer interactions on any channel

  2. Automate business processes with intelligent workflows

  3. Uplevel call center management with innovative productivity tools

  4. Get shared, actionable insight into every customer interaction

  5. Drive revenue and upsell easier with instant account view

  6. Engage with customers on their favorite channels

  7. Put all your digital interactions in one place

  8. Serve faster with automated workflows

  9. Scale support with customized chatbot auto-response

  10. Safely complete jobs on the first in-person or virtual visit

  11. Get jobs done more quickly with step-by-step guided flows

  12. Automatically schedule the right person for the right jobs

  13. Access data online and offline with the field service app

  14. Manage Inventory and plan based on usage for part orders

  15. Create, manage, update, and reschedule work orders

  16. Create, view, edit and manage purchasing orders

  17. Create, view, and edit estimates

To learn more about our products and services, reach out to us at info@tasksuite.com.

By Charl Naude, TaskSuite

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