• Charl Naude

You Belong With Me

You're on the phone with your customer, she's upset, and she's goin' off about somethin' that customer service said. Because she doesn't get their humor as you do! The managers in the room, it's a typical Tuesday night. If you only embraced the right technology, then you would know her story as CRM and BI adopters do, and you'd stop playin' that hold music she doesn't like.

On The Bleachers

She's cheer captain, and if you used TaskSuite, you know that and wouldn't be sitting on the bleachers wondering why she's so upset and how come you aren't making touchdowns in her eyes. I'm dreaming about the day when you wake up and find that what you're looking for has been here the whole time. If you could only see that BI and CRM are the ones who understand you, their needs, customers want, and can help you deploy successful customer empathy and improve employee competency.


BI has been here all along, so why can't you see? All you have to do is access it! You have the data, so nothing should be bringing you down. It would be best to use it, and I can't help thinking about how it should be. Your customers should be laughing on a park bench, thinking to themselves doing business with you is so easy! And customer service should be causing smiles that could light up this whole town, new growth with your business should be up, and renewals should always coming around. Why can't you see CRM and BI are what your company needs?

Customer Empathy You say you're fine; I know you better than that. Hey, what are you doing with a CRM like that? The data you need for success has been here the whole time. If you could see it and aggregate it, your business would be on par to have its best year yet! It's standing by and waiting at your back door. All this time, how could you not know your CRM is subpar, and it needs to go!

Have You Ever Thought Just Maybe

Your business has had the answers all along, but you need to see why CRM and BI belong in your business today. CRM with BI helps make your customers laugh. We will help give you the right words when they are about to cry and their favorite songs on hold, so they're not so sad, irritated at the wait, and it calms them when they are mad. CRM and BI together will help you see so you can be the one who understands them. When implemented correctly, your customers and customer service representative will feel like they are floating in the clouds.

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By Charl Naude, TaskSuite

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