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Maximize Your Lending Potential with Our Innovative Marketplace Platform

Lenders don't have the tools to meet the demands of modern loan
management, but TaskSuite is here to change that.

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on average for servicing
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customers per year on
average who could convert
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cost and increase profits
with TaskSuite

Lenders deserve their own fit-for-purpose
comprehensive platform.

In the competitive lending industry, connecting with the right brokers and
securing high-quality loan deals is crucial for your success. As a pioneering
loan software SaaS company, TaskSuite has developed a cutting-edge
solution to help lenders like you thrive.

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Introducing LoanConnect

Expand Your Reach and Drive Growth with Seamless
Access to High-Quality Deals from Brokers

Our innovative online marketplace, accessible via API or our user-friendly software,
is designed to expand your reach and drive growth by effortlessly connecting you with
brokers and loan deals tailored to your business.

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Effortless Deal Sourcing

Our online marketplace is designed to bring the best loan deals right to your
fingertips. By seamlessly connecting you with brokers, you'll have access to a vast
pool of loan applications, increasing your oppportunities to fund deals that align with
your lending critieria. Our platforms advanced filtering and matching system
ensures that you'll only receive relevant and high-quality deals, minimizing time
wasted on applications that don't suit your business.

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Expanded reach

By connecting with a diverse network of brokers, you'll have access to a broader range of loan deals, helping you grow your business and diversify your portfolio.

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Improved efficiency

Our platforms automation capabilities streamline your loan processing workflow, enabling you to focus on making the best decisions for your business.

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Enhanced relationships

with seamless communication through our platform, you'll build stronger relationships with brokers, increasing the likelihood of repeat business and long-term partnerships.

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Customizable solution

Our marketplace platform is designed to be tailored to your specific needs, ensuring seamless integration into your existing processes and systems.

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Backd Business Funding

We've worked with TaskSuite to develop a customized product that is tailored to our exact business needs. They've done this seamlessly

Tucker S.



Tua Financial

TaskSuite has provided ongoing support and valuable insight as to how we can continue to utilize these tools to increase productivity and operate our business efficiently.

Brandon Hoye




We've been working with the TaskSuite team for over three years. They provide our business with the best tools in the industry. I am impressed with their product and their capabilities.

Tom Sultenfuss


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