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Unify and organize
your entire loan
origination process

TaskSuite's Loan Origination System provides lending
companies and brokers with a powerfully unified system
that delievers a measurable boost to efficiency, accuracy,
and reliability.

TaskSuite Origination Product
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Automated Regulation Compliance

TaskSuite helps lenders stay compliant with regulations by automating compliance checks and providing necessary documentation.

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Advanced Workflow Efficiency

TaskSuite automates many tasks involved in the loan process, resulting in faster loan approvals, processing, and disbursals.

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Greater Application Data Accuracy

Eliminate errors and inconsistencies, resulting in more accurate data, which means fewer loan defaults and better loan performance.

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Improved Risk Management

Real-time data on loan performance and defaults powers better-informed decisions, helping mitigate potential risks and reduce loan defaults.

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Enhanced Customer Experience

Faster loan approvals and disbursals enables
lenders provide better customer experience,
increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Powerful Integrations

TaskSuite Product

Integration with OCR document scanning tools, credit bureaus, and many more

Enhance your workflow by effortlessly connecting to vital tools for streamlined loan operations.

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Credit Check & Verification

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Efficiently streamline applicant credit assessments and identity validation with built-in Instant Approvals

Increase revenue and transaction volumes with buy-now-pay-later and embedded finance solutions, giving you the competitive advantage.

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Built-In CRM

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Optimize client interactions through an integrated CRM

Seamless email, calling, and texting capabilities for comprehensive communication and superior outreach in the loan process.

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White-Labeled Application Portal

TaskSuite Product

Enable applicants to apply for loans and submit required documents online

Streamline loan applications with a tailored, branded portal, elevating customer experiences and accelerationg procedures.

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Stronger, together.

TaskSuite's Loan Origination tool is even more powerful when utilized alongside our
full suite. Our all-in-one platform puts the control at your fingertips.

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