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Enhance and
automate your loan
underwriting process

TaskSuite's cloud-based Credit AI Platform simplifies and
automates loan applications, offering robust fraud
protection and seamless integration with credit bureaus
for credit scoring.

TaskSuite Credit Product
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Increased Volume & Scalability

Credit AI's automated underwriting can easily handle high volumes of loan applications, making it ideal for lenders looking to scale operations.

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Greater Application Data Accuracy

Automated underwriting minimizes errors and ensures consistent application of credit criteria, improving loan approval accuracy.

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Enhanced Customer Experience

Automated underwriting provides a seamless and efficient loan application process, delivering a faster and better customer experience.

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Advanced Workflow Efficiency

Credit AI's underwriting process saves time and eliminates manual errors, enabling faster processing and approval times and unlocking cost savings.

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Improved Risk Management

Credit AI analyzes vast amounts of data
to determine the risk level of each
loan application, allowing lenders to make
more informed decisions.

Credit Scoring Integration

TaskSuite Product

Integration with credit bureaus for quick and accurate credit scoring

Seamlessly integrate for rapid, precise credit scoring, empowering informed decisions and streamlined loan processing.

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Automatic Decision Making

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Automatically make loan decisions based on predefined criteria and risk assessments

Enhance decision accuracy and efficient risk assessment through our rapid, tailored underwriting solution.

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Document Scanning

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Scan and verify important loan application documents, such as income or bank statements

Automatically scan and authenticate crucial laon documents for a reliable and expedited application process.

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Cutomizable Rules Engine

TaskSuite Product

Set custom underwriting rules and criteria to meet your businesses specific needs

Tailor your underwriting experience with our Customizable Rules Engine, designed to adapt to your business's unique requirements and standards

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Included features

Everything you need, in one place.

Robust Fraud Detection

Integrate with fraud detection tools to identify and prevent fraudulent loan applications.

Reporting & Analytics

Access to real-time reports and analytics to track loan processing times, approval rates, and other key metrics.

User-Friendly Interface

A user-friendly interface for lenders and underwriters to manage loan applications and make decisions.

Stronger, together.

TaskSuite's Loan Credit AI tool is even more powerful when utilized alongside our
full suite. Our all-in-one platform puts the control at your fingertips.

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